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Discover 50+ Notion templates and resources

Notion Creator Mastery Skool

Go from $0 to $10K/month selling Notion templates in 2024

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The Creator Bible


Learn how to build a $10K/month business selling Notion templates

The Notion Bible


Go from complete beginner to ultimate expert in using Notion

New to Notion? ↓

Notion Beginner Bundle

Pack of 7x templates for Notion

Notion Beginner Manual

Step by step guide to help you learn Notion

Sell digital products

50 Digital Product Ideas

List of 50 digital product ideas with explanations and examples

Notion Creator Manual

Learn how to build and sell Notion templates as your digital product

Other Courses ↓

Twitter (𝕏) Bible

How to go from 0 to 100K followers on 𝕏

Producthunt Bible

How to reach #1 Product of The Day

Threads Growth Bible

How to grow on Threads (The 𝕏 copy)

Instagram Reels Bible

How to go from 0 to 100K followers

Template Bundles ↓

The Complete Bundle

All 30+ Notion templates I ever made

The Architect Bundle

4+ Premium templates for businesses

Self-Improvement Bundle

10+ Notion templates for self improvement

Health Bundle

3+ Health templates for Notion

Stoic Bundle

4+ Stoic templates for Notion

Spiritual Bundle

3+ Spiritual templates for Notion

Job Hunt Bundle

Everything you need to land your dream job

Resume Bundle

25+ unique resume templates for Notion

Premium Templates↓

Task Architect

The #1 Notion system for tasks

Agency Architect

The #1 Notion system for agencies

Email Architect

The #1 Notion system for email marketing

Course Architect

The #1 Notion system for course creation

Pro Templates↓

Monk Mode OS

Supercharge your Monk Mode in Notion

Stoic Life OS

Organize your life like a Stoic in Notion

Health Hub OS

Track your health in Notion

Sobriety Hub

Manage your addictions in Notion

Stoic Life Journal

A Notion journal like no other

Spiritual Journal

Five spiritual journals in Notion

Job Hunt OS

Track your job search in Notion

Producthunt OS

Organize your launches in Notion

Free Templates ↓

Resume Templates

A pack of 3x Notion resume templates

Notion: The Game

The worlds first game built 100% in Notion

Monk Mode Planner

Keep track of your Monk Mode in Notion

Stoic Life Checklist

Live a Stoic life with Notion

Project Manager

Manage your projects and tasks in Notion

Goal Planner

Organize and track your goals in Notion

Habit Tracker

Track your habits in Notion

To-Do List

Organize your tasks in Notion

Reading Tracker

Track your reading progress in Notion

Daily Journal

Start your journal practice in Notion

ChatGPT ↓

The ChatGPT Mastery Course

59+ videos with more than 16 hrs of total watch time to make you a ChatGPT expert

112 ChatGPT Business Ideas

List of 112 ideas for building an online business using ChatGPT


IG Creator Course

The guide I used to grow on Instagram

Tweet Hunter

The software I used to grow on Twitter


The software I use to build websites


The software I use for testimonials

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